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Here's whats cooking Sept 5/21


1  Everything bagel breakfast casserole with cream cheese, cottage cheese, grape tomatoes, red onion and eggs.... $4

5 Croissant breakfast casserole with tons of mushrooms / no meat... eggs,swiss, mozzarella and parmesan cheese and mushroom gravy on the side... $5

NEW: Spinach and cheese croissant strata... made with parmesan and onions and mozzarella cheese $5

NEW: Croissant breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs, ham and old cheddar cheese... simply remove from plastic, wrap in paper towel and microwave 1-2 min $5

Freezer breakfast sandwich $3.50 ea... eggs, ham, broccoli, roasted red pepper, and lots of cheese on English muffins in plastic... microwave 2-3 min.. perfect for lunch or light dinner too 

Southwest breakfast burritos with sausage, taco seasoning, eggs, cheese, onion, and cilantro  $3.50... wrapped in plastic... heat in micro 2-3 min

 French toast muffins made with cinnamon raisin bread, eggs, and maple syrup $3.50 for 2

3. Peach French toast $3.50... also made with raisin bread... delicious but sweet

NEW: Lunch options

Tuna salad on a Brioche bun.. $3... thaw overnight or thaw in morning  

Hot roast beef sandwich on Cheese bun with a delicious sauce, roast beef, provolone, and cheddar cheese... bake 350- 15-20 min.... $5 

 Freezer chicken parmesan wrap $5 , basil and enclosed in a flatbread... microwaveable from frozen

Red meat

2 Prime rib with Yorkshire pudding and veg $12 

Baked Reuben sandwich

6 Pork Back ribs with potato $12

6  BBQ Boneless Beef ribs with  potato $12

5 Korean Boneless Beef ribs with jasmine rice

1Shepherd's pie

2 Lamb dinners

3 Pasta with hot Italian sausage, basil and mustard

2 BBQ pork souvlaki skewers with grilled red potatoes and bacon

1 baked spaghetti

5 large portion of spaghetti and homemade meat sauce

3 Spanish rice with ground beef and green pepper... quite spicey

1 Beef and Guinness stew with puff pastry to put under it

4 Pork chops with stuffing on top and mushroom gravy

1  Hawaiian Beef on rice with pineapple and carrots and lots of beef

6 Pork Back ribs with homemade BBQ sauce and mashed potato $12 


NEW: Cheesey chicken and vegetables on noodles

1 Lemon Spatchcock chicken with potatoes and cauliflower

1 Grilled Basil and garlic stuffed chicken

NEW: Parmesan Asparagus stuffed chicken breasts with sauce and rice

3 Korean Chicken thighs and rice... same great sauce I used on the beef ribs but cheaper LOL

4 Butter chicken

1 Casablanca chicken

NEW: Baked sweet and sour chicken thighs with rice


1 pasta primavera

3  Grilled Lemon ginger tofu steaks with lemon rice and peas

2 Asian Noodles nut butter marinated tofu steaks and vegetables ( eggplant, mushrooms, bok choy... all grilled

1 Italian zucchini casserole with tater tots on top and parm/mozz cheese

3 Creamy pasta bake with cherry tomatoes and basil

2 Marrakesh vegetable curry... this has to be a vegetarian dream with sweet potato, red/green pepper,eggplant,onion, chickpeas,carrots, zucchini, raisins, orange juice, slivered almonds, spinach

2 swiss chard and mushroom lasagna with ricotta and swiss cheese in bechamel sauce

Panang tofu curry

Marsala mushrooms on noodles.


New: Thai Green curry Fresh Pineapple shrimp and crab on rice2 Lobster mac and cheese

Jambalaya with chicken, Italian sausage, shrimp on rice

2 Shrimp and cheese grits

3 Baked lemon basa fish ( mild white fish)

2 Indonesian shrimp noodles with egg noodles, red cabbage salmon stuffed zucchini boats

 New: 4 Garlicky parmesan salmon filets and asparagus

Soup: my usual 16 oz containers are on order so still struggling to give you best deal... actually a little larger

1 coconut curry chicken 8 oz $2.50 ea

4 chicken noodle soup $2.50 8 oz

3 corn chowder $5 16 oz

1 clam chowder $5 3 gazpacho... cold soup ( ran out of 16 oz so this is in 8 oz for $2.50 )

 2 Thai tom yum soup with shrimp - spicey but with lots of flavor $3 for 8oz

 2  Italian Wedding... in a 24oz container so I could give you more meatballs $5  2 Cream of Asparagus soup 8oz... $2.50

 2 Prime rib/ barley soup 16 oz $5

3 Beef Pho... beef slices in pho broth with rice noodles and bean sprouts $5

NEW: 4 mushroom leek $5

NEW: 7 Garden fresh tomato and basil $5