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Sandy's Kitchen

" Make my kitchen your kitchen"


Covid 19.. as long as I remain well I will continue to deliver for free.. most people leave or e-transfer the money and I leave the food outside your door. I am Health Dept regulated so take every precaution. All packaging and bags are new and come direct from my house to yours.

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Welcome to

Sandy's Kitchen

Call: 613-484-7799

Email: [email protected]

Homemade frozen entrees at reasonable prices

$8 or $12 for ribs and expensive meat

made with high quality ingredients from good old

fashioned recipes like your mom used to make.

Delivered free to your home.


Why not order a Quiche Lorraine with bacon and swiss cheese or tell me what ingredients you would like in it. Or how about a 3 egg omelette with crab, red pepper, onion and swiss or bacon, cheddar, onion and green pepper.

I could also bake you your favorite muffins or chelsea buns or ooey gooey cinnamon rolls

Having a crowd??? Let me prepare a large breakfast casserole you can pop in the oven in the morning and they will surely think it is your own.


Lunch is the perfect time to enjoy a hearty soup or chowder. Soups come in 16 oz containers so you will likely get 2 bowls for just $5

French onion, Nine Bean Tomato, Mushroom Leek, Cheesy Ham Chowder, Cheesy Broccoli. Chicken and Wild Rice

A slice of Cheddar Bacon Beer bread or Fresh dinner roll would be a lovely accompaniment.

Now if you want to host a Luncheon I do cater.. at $12 per person you get the works delicious sandwiches with veggie platter and pickle tray followed by a yummy selections of squares and tarts .


Ah dinner.. my favorite meal. I have likely 10 times more menu items than most restaurants and most items are only $5 and you don't have to tip:) Not only that you don't have to leave home because I will bring it to you for free! Now if you don't see it on my menu, ask me and I will make it. That is partly how my menu got so big.

Whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian, seafood lover or you prefer gluten or lactose free I do it all. In fact I have a customer who orders meat and seafood for her hubby and vegetarian for herself.

Now if you want to put on a dinner party, I cater too. For $16 you get a hot entree, salad, veg, pickle tray dinner roll and dessert.